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Achieving Excellence

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Students Achievements in 2016-2018

Iris Gower piano Grade 7 pass with A

Sakura Hayashi Cmus pass with A

Hua Ruoxin Elizabethe 8th grade pass with A

Liu Aileen Cmus pass with A

Qu Tianlin Cmus pass with A

Shao Yifan 8th grade pass with A

Wang Qi Rui Ray 8th grade pass with A

Suri Xiao Piano 7th grade A

Miao Mitchell 7h grade pass with A

Armen Dilanchian Shiraz AMEB 8th grade A+

George Vartanian AMEB 8th grade A+

Thoma s Qu Cmus AMEB Honour 

Zongun Yang 8th grade pass with A

Tara Sahagian AMUS diploma AMEB Award

Anthony Sahagian AMUS diploma AMEB Award

Chen Tianmu ATCL Diploma pass with Credit 

Chen Tianrun ATCL Diploma pass with Credit

Elayna Zhang 8th grade pass with A

Daniel Kim ATCL Diploma pass 

Aileen Liu ATCL Diploma pass with Distinction 

Sophia Sun

Christopher Ai AMEB 8th grade A


Amy Stevenson ATCL Diploma pass with Distinction 

Sakura Hayashi ATCL Diploma pass with Distinction 



Brandon Chu         Piano 4th grade                 Result          A

Brendon Chu         Piano 6th grade                 Result          A

Sakura Hayashi     Piano 8th grade                 Result          A+

Sakura Hayashi      Piano Certificate grade  Result          A

Matsuoka Yusei     Piano 8th grade                Result          A

Matsuoka Yusei     Recipient Scholarship of Newington High School Year 7-12

Angelina Yoon        Piano 8th grade                Result          A

Angelina Yoon        Recipient of full Scholarship of  PLC   year 7-12

Kim Sun Wook        Piano 8th grade                Result          A+

Kim Sun Wook        Recipient of the Redlands Full Scholarship Neutral Bay

Aileen Liu                 Piano 7th grade                Result          A

Jacqueline Brown   ATCL Diploma                   Award

Alan Guo Ao            ATCL Diploma                   Award

Chanel Cornel         ATCL Dipoma                    Award

Tamaki Futagami   ATCL Dipoma                     Award with Distinction

Victor Dai                 1st prize winner Sydney MD competition Chopin Section

Victor Dai                 Recipient of Scholarship of London Royal College.


Student Achievements 2014

Sakura Hayashi                              AMEB  6th grade    A+

Lu Ailin                                            AMEB  5th grade    A

Matsuoka Yusei                             AMEB  6th grade     A

Kim Sun Wook                               AMEB  6th grade     A                 

Sahagian Anthony                        AMEB 8th grade      A

Sahagian Tara                               AMEB  8th grade     A

Victor Dai                                       AMEB  LMusA  Award


Student Achievements 2013

Tiffany Wong                               AMEB AMusA Award

Cornell Chanel                            AMEB 6th grade  A+

Cornell Chanel                            AMEB 8th grade  A

Sakura Hayashi                           AMEB 5th grade  A

Jiang(Edward) Yishang               AMEB 8th grade  A

Matsuoka Yusei                           AMEB 4th grade  A

Miao Milton                                 AMEB 8th grade  A

Tsang Kevin Yuk – Ting               AMEB Certificate grade A

Shinami Kikukawa   LMusA Diploma Successful

Shinami Kikukawa  Winner of Ryde Eisteddfod Theme and Variations Best Young Performers Award

Victor Dai LTCL Diploma Successful
Sydney Macdonald Competition 1st place in Baroque Section
                                                          2nd place in Chopin Section
                                                          2nd place in 20 Century Section



Accelerated Learning

If you are currently awaiting completion of your Compulsory Theory or Musicianship Practical Examination Certificate, we can help you prepare and guarantee you’ ll be ready for your examinations. All 6th grade practical exams require a 3rd grade theory or musician ship level which usually takes 2 to 3 years to prepare for.
KMPC offers this special accelerated course that will ensure that you will be totally prepared for your examinations in less than 6 months.
Students that have already completed 3rd grade theory or musicianship, can prepare for 4th grade and 5th grade in one year.